Flight Instruction in East Texas

Photo of woman and daughter by a Code 1 training airplane
Cessna 172 and Cessna 150
Rental: $155/hr wet (Save $100 on each block of 10 hours you purchase!)
Flight Instruction: $70/hr

We provide instruction to student pilots and certified pilots at $55 per instructional hour, delivered in the owner’s aircraft or in one of the company's aircraft. The IFR-certified Cessna 172* for $155/hr or the Cessna 150 for $135/hr. Aircraft rental rate for the airplane includes all costs, including fuel, maintenance and insurance. Get a 5% bonus for deposits of $1,000 or more! (by cash or check only),  click here for details, or contact us to purchase. The 172 is also available for rent for local and cross country flights with prior arrangement.  

*Equipped with a Garmin 430 GPS and dual Garmin G-5 electronic flight instruments, plus a Stratus ESGi ADS-B. Ideal for instrument training!

How much will it cost to earn my license
Photo of the state-of-the-art Code 1 flight simulator
One-G AATD Simulator
Rental: $65/hr
Flight Instruction: $70/hr

The one-G foundation is a Cessna 172 cockpit that includes a full set of traditional gauges, a 1G-650 touchscreen GPS emulator, a King nav/com emulator and an autopilot and comes with a simulation engine populated with the most recent FAA navdata and topography. It is an FAA approved advanced aviation training device (AATD) that works with the 1G-IOS instructor operating station that allows instructors to create dynamic training sessions and track student progress. With one-G technology, students have the opportunity to practice scenarios that would be impossible to safely practice in the air. It’s affordable, accessible, and exclusive – Code 1 is one of only a handful of schools in the nation that have this equipment.

Our training is enhanced by operating from a small airport with minimal traffic—no long taxis to the runway or long holds for jet traffic at Thompson Field or Van Zandt Regional!  The atmosphere at both airports is laid back country friendly—everyone is committed to making you succeed. Come join us for a life-altering introductory flight or for opportunity to hone your flight skills.

Simulator Details and Pricing
Photo of a Code 1 flight student by 270AM
Photo of Norm Rathje and 2 students
Photo of a Code 1 Flight Training flight student in a Cessna 172 cockpit
Photo of a Code 1 flight student earning their private pilot certificate
Photo of a flight student at flight training around Canton Texas
Photo of a young person taking flight training in East Texas
Photo of a student and their family by her training arcraft
Photo of a flight student earning his solo
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  • Cessna 172
  • Cessna 172 XP
  • Cessna 150
Excellent Instruction from Small Airport = Focused Learning & Money Saved
Excellent instructors! The airport is perfect for learning to fly since it's uncontrolled (allowing you to focus on flying, not on Air Traffic Control), and there are very few other planes flying in and out of the area. Everything about the experience has felt personal (they genuinely care about every student), comfortable (the instructors are very easy to learn from, the airport is small and comfortable), and flexible (working around my schedule and adjusting based on my specific learning styles). Code 1 is 5 stars!
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