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I highly recommend Code 1 and their excellent cadre of instructors
“I contacted Code1 Flight Training to find a knowledgeable, experienced instructor that could teach me how to be the best, safest pilot possible.  

Even without prior aviation experience or knowledge, I knew after a couple of conversations and a discovery flight with Norm that I found not only an instructor to help guide me through multiple ratings, but a true friend and mentor that would be a tremendous asset throughout my aviation journey and beyond.  

Norm is a highly skilled instructor that is patient, effective and made the process of obtaining my private pilot's certificate fun and an overall fulfilling experience.  

In less than one year I used my certificate to fly to over a dozen states, forty-plus airports; as far North as Colorado, West to the Grand Canyon and Sedona, and as Far East as Southern Florida.  

I highly recommend Code1 and their excellent cadre of instructors for anyone who wants to learn to fly, or those seeking additional ratings, including your instrument rating, which we are working on now.”
Outstanding Instructor, Highly Recommend
“A huge thank you to Code 1 Flight Training at the Van Zandt County Regional Airport in Wills Point! The owner Norm Rathje and Instructor Steve Fairbanks have made it possible for me fulfill a lifelong goal of getting my private pilot certificate. It’s been great to attend a structured program that taught me to be a proficient and safe pilot. I have a lot to learn and this was a great foundation to build upon, but I will be continuing to train with Code 1 Flight Training for my instrument rating on through my commercial. I just can’t say enough good about them. If you’re interested I would highly recommend them. Steve has been an outstanding Instructor and has become a trusted friend to me and my family.”
Awesome guys to work with!
[The instructors] at Code 1 Flight Training were awesome guys to work with. Bill is a great instructor with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He was very patient with me during all my training, and I am glad that I got to work with him. He stuck with me throughout my entire training to get me where I needed to be to pass my check ride.  I was grateful for the flexibility of their schedules and their availability to work with me on the weekends. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. If you are looking for flight training, I highly recommend the guys with Code 1!
Thorough Instruction
Norm Rathje is very thorough and spends as much time on techniques as the student needs. I was most appreciative of Norm’s classroom training and his many helpful classroom materials. Norm prepared me well for my oral and flight exams, both of which I passed on the first try.
Personal, One-on-one Training
Code 1 Flight Training has provided me with everything I need to tackle all the challenges of learning to fly an airplane, from one-on-one lessons on the ground, to practical training in the air. Norm and Allen are both truly passionate about what they do. They are eager to give back to the aviation community and prepare students young and old to take to the skies!
Excellent Instruction from Small Airport = Focused Learning & Money Saved
Excellent instructors! The airport is perfect for learning to fly since it's uncontrolled (allowing you to focus on flying, not on Air Traffic Control), and there are very few other planes flying in and out of the area. Everything about the experience has felt personal (they genuinely care about every student), comfortable (the instructors are very easy to learn from, the airport is small and comfortable), and flexible (working around my schedule and adjusting based on my specific learning styles). Code 1 is 5 stars!
“They Work Around Your Schedule”
My work schedule wouldn't allow me to fly by appointment like the rest of the schools want, but Norm was very accommodating to my needs—when I could find time he would make time for me. I finally earned my ticket thanks to his patience. I can't thank him enough. You won't be disappointed with Code 1 Flight Training!
I Felt Comfortable The Whole Time
Norm Rathje's flight training was invaluable, especially the flexibility he showed by his willingness to adapt to my schedule and to fly into my airport even when it must have been inconvenient for him. His instructions, both on the ground and in the air, were very well explained and were always relevant to real-world scenarios. His instruction in preparing me for my flight test was spot-on, and I felt comfortable and in control the entire time. Overall, everything was terrific and I wouldn’t even dream of recommending anyone else to someone who is interested in becoming a pilot.
I Felt Well Prepared
Thank you Norm. Norm Rathje is very good instructor and allows you to practice as much as you need. Norm's knowledge and encouragement enabled me to accomplish my dream of flying. I felt well prepared for my oral and flight exams. I highly recommend Code 1 Flight Training.
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