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How much does it cost to get a Private Pilot Certificate?

When people ask “How much does it cost to get a pilots license”, what they're usually referring to is a the most common general aviation “license” called a Private Pilot Certificate.

Your total cost will depend on the amount of training you require in excess of the minimum fight hour requirement of 40 hours*.  Here is a breakdown of the costs if you are able to finish in 40 hours:

  • Medical Exam: $130
  • Books and Supplies: $300
  • Knowledge Test Fee: $175
  • 30 hours of "Dual" (instruction with the instructor): 30 hours aircraft rental ($135-155/hr plus 30 hours instructor rate ($70/hr)
  • 10 hours of "Solo" (flying by yourself): 10 hours aircraft rental ($155/hr)
  • Rental for the Flight Test: $200
  • Fee for the Practical Test: $800

TOTAL: $9,300 to $9,900

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* Note that while it's possible to earn your certificate with the minimum 40 hours, many students do end up earning it in more than 40 hours, for a variety of reasons. To discuss cost, please contact us.

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