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The hourly rental rate for the 172 is $130 per hour and includes all costs, including fuel, maintenance and insurance, but we're offering a limited time discount: when you make a deposit of $1000 or more, you will receive a 5% bonus.. Contact us to redeem this deal.

The 172 is also available to rent for local and cross country flights, with prior arrangement.

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Cessna 172

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Excellent Instruction from Small Airport = Focused Learning & Money Saved
Norm and Bill are excellent instructors, each with thousands of hours of flight instruction time. The airport is perfect for learning to fly since it's uncontrolled (allowing you to focus on flying, not on Air Traffic Control), and there are very few other planes flying in and out of the area. Everything about the experience has felt personal (they genuinely care about every student), comfortable (the instructors are very easy to learn from, the airport is small and comfortable), and flexible (working around my schedule and adjusting based on my specific learning styles). Code 1 is 5 stars!
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