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Where do I get my airplane detailed in North Texas?

As an aircraft owner, you invest a significant amount of resources into the care and maintenance of the aircraft. Keeping your aircraft clean can be just as important as maintenance and help keep you in the air. In addition to flight training, Code 1 will help you care for your aircraft to keep your asset in its best condition.

Can’t I detail my own aircraft?

While you don’t need any special certifications to detail an aircraft, its important to use only aviation grade approved chemicals on the aircraft. Incorrect chemicals can cause damage to the aircraft. The windscreen and plexiglass on GA aircraft is extremely susceptible to micro scratches and filmy buildup if not cleaned appropriately.

In addition, your time is valuable, and life may have other plans. Allowing a professional to clean and care for the aircraft can allow more time for the important things-flying!

How do you do it? With water?

There are different ways to wash the aircraft. You can dry wash or wet wash. While wet washing is an option, it’s not advised as it forces water where it shouldn’t be and can cause damage to electrical connectors or landing gear seals. Dry wash is the more commonly utilized method as you control the amount of moisture the aircraft is subjected to.

Why Code 1?

Larger aircraft detailing services commonly employ people who have little to no experience in aviation. They provide on the job training to the employee’s without a real understanding of how the aircraft operates or how important that pitot tube is, for example. It’s reasonable to conclude you don’t let just anyone fly or perform maintenance on your aircraft that isn’t properly qualified. Why would you let just anyone clean your aircraft? In addition to a professionally trained detailer, Code 1 has qualified CFI’s who truly recognize and appreciate how crucial each component is on the aircraft.

What services does detailing include, exactly?

Code 1 offers 2 basic services: exterior and interior.

EXTERIOR Plane Detailing Services

  • De-bug all leading edges
  • Belly de-grease
  • All exterior paint cleaning
  • All window cleaning

INTERIOR Plane Detailing Services

  • Vacuum
  • Cabin detail
  • Cockpit clean
  • Leather cleaning/conditioning (as applicable)

How much does each service cost?

An exterior service flat fee is $200 for single engine, and $400 for twin engine aircraft. An interior service flat fee is $50.

Please note: an additional charge may be incurred depending on the level of buildup on the exterior.

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